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Overview of Scope and Camera Connections

Using Wireless



This diagram gives a simplified overview of the connections between all the hardware and the mapping of laptop resources to hardware.




USB Hub Port No

DSI Auto Star

Com 8


DSLR Focus

Com7 (scope)  Com9 (Shutter)

1, 3

Starry Night



Auto Star







DSI Camera



It is important to connect all USB devices in the same port each time to avoid windows from wanting to install new software drivers for each port and device combination. This is the last thing you want when you out in he field trying to have an image acquisition session.


This version provides a completely wireless free connection to the scope and all accessories such as cameras whilst providing a 3G broadband connection. Once the polar mount has been aligned, it is possible to operate the scope, including targeting, focusing and all imagine acquisition software with the laptop away from the scope as long as it’s within WiFi range.


This setup gives you a wireless connection from your laptop and the scope along with all its accessories giving you the option of running the Laptop at a remote location, indoors for example.












Written by:

Chris James

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